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Bombela Operating Company

The Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd (BOC) has been contracted by the Bombela Concession Company to deliver the operations and maintenance of the Gautrain system.

BOC is led by RATP Développement – the operation and maintenance arm of the French transport company, RATP, which has extensive experience and expertise in the operations of multi-modal public transport networks both in Paris and around the world. The other shareholders of BOC are Murray & Roberts and the Strategic Partners Group.

BOC was intimately involved in the development phase of the Gautrain project in order to ensure a smooth transition into the operating phase. This involvement includes the trial running during which the operational procedures including emergency procedures were tested, practiced and optimized.

The company is committed to its mandate of ensuring that Gautrain offers international standards of railway transport with high levels of safety, reliability, predictability and comfort. BOC's scope includes the operations and maintenance of the Gautrain's trains, stations and buses. The operations of the Gautrain buses is through a specialist sub-contractor, Mega Express (Pty) Ltd. BOC implements an integrated safety and security programme that covers all aspects of safety and security as well as emergency operation of the system