Corporate Social Investment

Integral to the early-stage planning of the project was a funadmental commitment that the Gautrain should significantly promote socio-economic development, Black economic empowerment and skills development in the region.
Gautrain created significant job opportunities and has stimulated business activities both directly and indirectly in the construction, manufacturing, services and communications industries.

Over 100,000 direct, indirect & induced jobs have been created and over 15,000 unskilled & semi-skilled staff have received training.

Apart from its contractual obligations the Bombela team has also engaged in numerous corporate social investment initiatives such as female learnership and mentorship programs; partnering with the South African Guide-Dogs Association (where guide dogs were trained on Gautrain’s facilities and where a promotional television advert was filmed); participating in the Take-a-Girl-Child Career Day project (where female drivers and engineers visited schools to motivate young girls about the construction and engineering worlds).