The Driving Force

Public transport is the blood line of any mature economy. It is not a nice to have but a must have.

It is this strongly held belief that informs our Company’s mission to provide a safe, reliable, efficient transport system that not only empowers the lives of South Africans, but also helps to aid the growth of the Gauteng, and South African economy.

In the early 2000’s, Gauteng – home to South Africa’s largest share of the population – was faced with heavily congested highways and people often stuck in traffic rather than spending time constructively at work. At this time, the Provincial Government envisioned an efficient integrated transport system for the Province. The Bombela Concession Company was awarded the tender to build, maintain, operate and partially finance the Gautrain rapid rail system.

Today, after much hard work and with the support of our shareholders and financial institutions, we are proud to say that the Gautrain connects three metropolitans in Gauteng, namely, Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni.

We have to date transported more than 60 million passengers on our trains and have operated in excess of 380 000 individual train trips. The Gautrain is not only a greener, safer and more efficient mode of transport, but is also currently one of the most reliable commuter train services in the world, with an average train service availability of approximately 98.4%

I dedicate our string of incredible achievements to the highly skilled Bombela team who has always gone beyond the call of duty and who consistently deliver outstanding achievements as a result of effective and proper planning. Equally this has been made possible as a result of constructive and meaningful relationships with the Gautrain Management Agency, our shareholders and most importantly our passengers, without whom our success would not have been possible.

Enabling and supporting transformation initiatives are also at the heart of what we do as Bombela. From keeping a firm hand on our Socio Economic Development obligation through to ensuring that we have a truly diverse team, Bombela remains committed to social transformation in the Gauteng Province.

It is our continued vision to provide not only a world-class transport system to Gauteng, but also to help reduce South Africa’s carbon emissions, thereby rendering South Africa greener, safer, more connected and more efficient as a nation.

André van Rensburg, Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in the execution of the Gautrain Concession Contract and to be recognised as a world leader in concession contract management.

Our Mission

To, in cooperation with the Bombela Operating Company and the Gautrain Management Agency, provide a safe, comfortable, clean and reliable integrated transport system and to strive for continuous improvement for the benefit of all Gautrain customers and other stakeholders.

Our Values

Integrity Be ethical and honest
Respect Earn and afford
Excellence Surpass the ordinary
Passion Be committed in heart and in mind
Accountability It’s up to me
Commitment Working with a sense of urgency towards achieving objectives

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