The Bombela Concession Company comprises of the following shareholders:

Intertoll International Holdings
Intertoll is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and has been active in Europe since 1995, where it expanded its geographic footprint extensively over the last 25 years. Today, Intertoll is a leading European investor in Infrastructure including motorway, rail concessions and an independent toll and motorway infrastructure designer and developer, concessionaire, equipment supplier, asset manager and provider of specialist consultancy services catering to the transportation and infrastructure sectors in Europe with an added focus on rail.
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SPG Concessions Ltd
Strategic Partners Group (SPG) is a broad-based black economic empowerment company represented at all levels within the Bombela family.
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J&J Group
A broad-based investment holding and management company, the J&J Group holds investments in companies operating in the financial services, healthcare, information technology and industrial sectors.